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Agility Training and Run Throughs


Day Class Call Darlene 814-935-3347

Evening Class Call Linda 814-942-8546

What is agilty and who can participate?

Great Fun! Even if you don't recognize it by name, you have probably seen an agility competition. Designed to demonstrate a dog's willingness to work with his handler in a variety of situations, agility is an athletic event that includes conditioning, concentration, training, and teamwork. Dogs and handlers negotiate an obstacle course while racing against the clock. Agility is a great form of exercise for both dog and handler, and a fun way to bond. And you don't have to compete to enjoy agility. Taking an agility class offers many other benefits. Many people start the sport just for fun and then decide to move on to competition. Others just love the exercises.  Mixed breed or purebreds are welcome.  Any dog over 4 months of age is welcome to the beginner class.


Where do my dog and I start?

You and your dog should know at least the basic obedience exercises such as "Sit", "Stand", "Stay", and walk quietly on lead.  Your dog needs to be at least 4 months of age for the Beginner Agility class.  Intermediate and Advanced class instruction and practice sessions called "run throughs" are available to dogs, and puppies as they become physically mature.  You will need a collar and leash for your dog and comfortable clothing for yourself. Agility is a sport with lots of running and jumping so make sure your wannabe athlete is structurally sound to participate.  Agility is a great workout for you and your dog and an incredible opportunity to bond as you both work together to learn new skills and become a team. All this for less than the cost of a movie. Everyone starts at the beginning so come join us!  Call Darlene at  814-935-3347 for day classes and Linda at 814-942-8546 for evening classes.


Instructor: Darlene Puhatch of KenDar Alaskan Malamutes

Dalene Puhatch of KenDar Alaskan Malamutes has been competing in AKC and UKC Conformation, Obedience, Rally Obedience,  Drill Team, Therapy Dog training and visitation for over 30 years.  She is a skilled understanding instructor who will help you and your dog achieve your goals. 


Darlene works with dogs of all breeds and takes into account the variation in temperaments and energy levels. She will help you and your dog work through learning issues and always uses a positive approach with a liberal dose of fun and humor.  She is sensitive to your needs and the needs of your dog and will set you and your dog up for success.  She helps you and your dog build a good foundation and will coach you to move forward when you and the dog are ready.  Call Darlene at  814-935-3347


Instructor: Linda Burley of Shadyrock German Shepherd Dogs

Linda Burley has well over 30 years of dog training experience.  She has trained thousands of dogs for good home behavior and many advanced competition participants.  A capable show handler, she teaches the conformation show classes.  She also offers private lessons for those owners and dogs who need individual attention. Linda is an accomplished groomer and offers grooming, nail clipping and teeth cleaning for all breeds by appointment.  Linda will help you and your dog achieve your goals. Call Linda at 814-942-8546.

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