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Drill Team and Dance

Call Darlene 814-935-3347

What is Drill Team and Dance?

What brings together heelwork, tricks, music, a little high school nostalgia, and takes it all to a whole new level? K9 drill, display, and demonstration teams are not new, but as more of us are looking for different ways to showcase the rewards of positive training to the larger dog community, the concept of drill and demo teams is gathering steam.


The term “drill team” may evoke images of military marching routines (historically, military drill teams did occasionally include dogs), but today’s K9 drill and demo teams take many forms that involve dog/handler pairs. “We define it as a group of dog/handler teams, moving in unison to create a changing picture of shapes and lines, with or without music."  The Drill team members are invited to local festivals, schools, and sports events.  Practice happens at the school or local parks.  If interested please call Darlene at 814-935-3347.

Day class Beginner Freestyle Dance is available and part of the Drill Team routine or as an individual class.  A great way to express you and your dog's talents and teamwork. 

Instructor: Darlene Puhatch of KenDar Alaskan Malamutes

Dalene Puhatch of KenDar Alaskan Malamutes has been competing in AKC and UKC Conformation, Obedience, Rally Obedience,  Drill Team, Therapy Dog training and visitation for over 30 years.  She is a skilled understanding instructor who will help you and your dog achieve your goals. 


Darlene works with dogs of all breeds and takes into account the variation in temperaments and energy levels. She will help you and your dog work through learning issues and always uses a positive approach with a liberal dose of fun and humor.  She is sensitive to your needs and the needs of your dog and will set you and your dog up for success.  She helps you and your dog build a good foundation and will coach you to move forward when you and the dog are ready.  Call Darlene at  814-935-3347


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