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Obedience Classes

Puppy Beginner through Advanced

Call Linda 814-942-8546

How will obedience class help my dog?

Every dog is welcome in our classes.  From the tiniest Chihuahua to the largest dogs, purebred or mixed breed, you and your pet are welcome here.  Puppies need to have their vaccinations.  Any age dog can learn good home behavior.


To become a great pet your dog needs to learn a few basic words and be exposed to other dogs and people.  Classes allow your dog to get that important socialization and learn to be comfortable and responsive to basic commands such as "Come", "Sit/Stay", "Down/Stay", and walk quietly on leash.


If you are interested in AKC or UKC competition, the Canine Good Citizen Certification (required for service dogs and therapy dogs) or competing in performance events, the education you need for you and your dog is available here.

What will I need and how do I sign up?

First, you need to call Linda and sign up for class.  Call her at 814-942-8546. There are several different class days and times. You will need a collar and leash for the dog.  The dog should have core vaccines as recommended by your veterinarian. You will need comfortable clothing and shoes.  Linda will give you all the particulars when you call.  The cost of classes is very inexpensive, less than the cost of a movie. 

Instructor: Linda Burley of Shadyrock German Shepherd Dogs

Linda Burley has well over 30 years of dog training experience.  She has trained thousands of dogs for good home behavior and many advanced competition participants.  A capable show handler, she teaches the conformation show classes.  She also offers private lessons for those owners and dogs who need individual attention. Linda is an accomplished groomer and offers grooming, nail clipping and teeth cleaning for all breeds by appointment.  Linda will help you and your dog achieve your goals. Call Linda at 814-942-8546.

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