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Pet Food and Supplies

Superpaws Pet Food Cooperative invites everyone to save money with no minimum order. We have over 100 brands of premium pet food, including raw, frozen, dehydrated, fresh, canned, and premium kibble dry.  We carry grooming and cleaning supplies. We order products for dogs, cats, birds, and small animals all at a greatly reduced cost.  Call Carol for ordering information at 814-944-5529  

See website for details:

Do you know what is in your pet's food? Ingredients from China? Read the label on the bag. "Meat Meal", "Animal Digest", and "Meat By-products" can include ground up unidnetified animals. For information see:

Small animl and bird foods include:

FM Brown small pet/bird food

Kaytee small pet/bird food

VitaKraft bird food

Zupreem bird food

Higgins bird food

Lafeber Gourmet Nutriberries

8in1 small animal food




Supplements and grooming brands:


Angel Eyes; Halo; Missing Link

Nupro; Nutri-vet; Wysong

Bio-groom; Conair; Earthbath

Four Paws; Cloud Star; 

Coastal; Furminator

Gimborn; JW Pet

Grizzly; Ark Naturals

Farnam; Miller's Forge

Vetricyn; Zymox

Cleaning products and flea control

Nature's Miracle

Tropiclean; Bio-Groom;

Adams Bio-Spot; Frontline Plus

Hartz Ultra Guard;

Natural Chemistry Flea & Tick

PetLock Spot-on; Sargents 

Sentry; Synergy Labs


Clean and Green cleaners


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