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Private Lessons

For Owners and Special Dogs

Call Linda 814-942-8546

How will private lessons help my dog?

Private lessons can be a terrific way to help someone get started with training, especially when there is a need for concentrated work on specific issues such as unruly behavior, separation anxiety, fear, or aggression. But, even for new puppy owners, we may suggest a private lesson or two prior to enrolling in a puppy beginner class.  


With private lessons, owner and dog can get started with effective management, handling exercises and teaching manners asap. One of the positives of private lessons is working in a non-distracting environment which allows the owner and dog to concentrate on one lesson with one trainer.  Once the lesson is absorbed then owner and dog can work on the next step.  


When the owner has gained some confidence and the dog is comfortable, the team can move into the beginner group classes. Working in a classroom setting around other dogs and their people is a superb way to begin to practice around a variety of distractions that are still somewhat controlled. The socialization aspect of the classes is so valuable in allowing the owner and dog to use their new skills and then translate those lessons over to great home and social situation behaviors. Prices are very reasonable.

Linda will help you and your dog achieve your goals. Call Linda at 814-942-8546.

Instructor: Linda Burley of Shadyrock German Shepherd Dogs

Linda Burley has well over 30 years of dog training experience.  She has trained thousands of dogs for good home behavior and many advanced competition participants.  A capable show handler, she teaches the conformation show classes.  She also offers private lessons for those owners and dogs who need individual attention. Linda is an accomplished groomer and offers grooming, nail clipping and teeth cleaning for all breeds by appointment.  Linda will help you and your dog achieve your goals. Call Linda at 814-942-8546.

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